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Colored Hair Extension

  1. Colored Wavy Hair Extension

    Colored Wavy Hair Extension is an excellent solution for hassle-free hair styling. This wavy hair is cleaned properly, wefted and weaved under the guidance of strict professionals to ensure the quality and long life the product. They are silky, smooth and soft hair with intact, full cuticle. This hair is quality checked for sparkle, gloss, shading, surface, quality, adaptability, cleanliness. The collection will add a natural bounce, length and stylish color to your natural hair without any lengthy procedure. These colored extensions are ideal for those who don’t want to color their natural hair.
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  2. Human Hair Colored Extension

    Human Hair Colored Extension is processed and styled under the strict guidance of our adept professionals using supreme quality natural hair. The hair is sorted, cleaned and processed in hygienic environment condition to ensure the safety & quality of the product. These ready-made extensions are perfect for easy gel up with existing hair. The ultra-straight and silky tips resist shedding and tangling during combing. They are suitable to attach with scalps for enhancing the visual appearance of hair during parties and dramas.
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  3. Colored Human Hair Extension

    Colored Human Hair Extension is ideal for adding volume to existing hair for flaunting hairstyle. This hair extension is skin friendly and comfortable to wear all day long. It is available in different lengths and colors, with durable solutions for styling and treating extensive hair loss. This extension is weaved and wefted in a single layer with neat and tight sewing for shedding-free nature. It is known for the salient features like softness, tangle free nature, and excellent texture. The extensions are designed using 100% virgin human which is properly sorted, cleaned and processed using organic products.
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  4. Colored Virgin Hair Extension

    Colored Virgin Hair Extension is made by using excellent quality virgin hair sourced from willing donors. This hair is thoroughly cleaned and processed using organic products under the guidance of senior professionals before using for the extensions. They are available in wide assortment of varied lengths and shades to match with the natural hair of the person. These extensions are ideal for flaunting unique looks at different fashion shows and other functions. They are light in weight with a fine finish, easy to stylize, easy attachment to the scalp and shed-proof, tangle-free combing.
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  5. Virgin Hair Colored Extension

    Virgin Hair Colored Extension is known for voluminous length, high strand strength, and smooth texture. This colored extension comes in varied styles and colors for all your styling needs. It is completely free from microbial infections, lice or nits, and other harmful chemicals. The hair for the extension is obtained from the willing donors and is processed & cleaned using organic products to remove the imperfections. This hair extension can be easily attached or detached and is suitable for actors, actresses, wedding guests and brides for getting a contemporary look.
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  6. Remy Coloured Hair Extensions

    Remy Colored Hair Extensions are available in a multitude of amazing color choices. These extensions are available as tape-in and clip-on extensions for easy attachment to the individual’s hair. One can avail these extensions in a myriad of color, texture, cut or length. These colored extensions are made with 100% virgin human hair and can be colored, permed and styled to your imagination. They have a smooth, soft, lustrous & silky texture and are easy to comb or tie. These extensions can be easily washed, dyed or styled without any damage to the appearance or texture.
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  7. Coloured Hair Extensions

    Why waste money on hair dyes to damage your hair for longer period. Once natural things get damaged, it takes ample time to restore the damage. Therefore, profit our Colored Hair Extensions that are wefted, brushed, cleaned and dyed in rich color to improve wearer’s personality. They complement any dress and outlook.
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  8. Wavy Hair Colored Extension

    Wavy Hair Colored Extension is processed using top grade natural hair under the guidance of skilled professionals. This extension is widely used for enhancing existing hair volume and length. It is available in a wide assortment of colors, cuts, texture, and length to fulfill the desired styling needs. The waves of this extension remain intact after washing. It can be dyed, bleached, permed or straightened to achieve the various stylizing goals. This colored extension is easy to use and attach or detach. It saves time and money of the person as well as don't require a lengthy process of attachment.
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  9. Colored Hair Extension for Women

    Colored Hair Extension for Women is designed to fulfill the styling needs of females of all age group. This extension is made using high-quality virgin hair to achieve the aesthetic and natural look. It is available in various colors as well as can be customized as per choice. The look of this extension is trendy yet sophisticated. Transform oneself into style diva with this extension, available in wide variety of colors, textures, and lengths. This hair extension matches well with one’s natural hair and is more smooth, sleek and free of the tangle.
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  10. Curly Colored Hair Extensions for Women

    Curly Colored Hair Extensions for Women are available in wide assortment of textures and colors at pocket-friendly prices. These extensions are easy to attach with inbuilt attachment and requires less time. They are made using high-quality crude hair obtained from the healthy donors and are processed to remove any remaining imperfection. The extensions are the excellent solution for hair styling as well as easy to use and maintain for long term durability. They are wisely processed, cleaned and trimmed in the hygienic condition to ensure the quality and safety of the product.
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  11. Curly Colored Hair Extension

    Curly Colored Hair Extension is manufactured using high-grade crude, virgin hair obtained from the willing donors. This extension is processed and cleaned using modern techniques to ensure the quality and perfection of the product. It is available in Machine Weft, Keratin tips, and Clip On variants. One can avail this extension to stylize their hair from the wide range of styles (curly, wavy and straight), lengths and color. It is washable without any effect on their texture & appearance and provided with a glossy texture & smooth finish that blends easily with natural hair.
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  12. Coloured Human Hair

    Include an aesthetic pick for an inherent smooth and silk textured hair with body, slight wave and bounce. Our Colored Human Hair is available in different lengths that can further be customized to suit any fashionable trend. The extension is wavy-body, full, nice, low maintenance and has thick weft, active lifestyle, etc.
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  13. Kinky Curly Coloured Hair Extensions

    Kinky Curl Colored Hair Extensions are widely used for stylizing during various special events. They enhance the overall look of the person and can be transformed into various hairstyles. These extensions look natural and match your original hair in color, texture, and smoothness. As the cuticle is intact, they are tangle free and easy to arrange. The thickness of the extension adds volume to the natural hair and is virtually undetectable. They are free from split ends, grey hair, lice or nits and can be washed or dyed. The curl remains intact even after washing and combing.
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  14. Coloured Kinky Hair Extension

    Colored Kinky Hair Extension will completely transform your look effortlessly. It is the perfect solution for beautifying the overall looks of the wearer due to its excellent shine and style. The extension has good shine and texture with natural color that blends well with individual’s hair. It is provided with easy attachments that are virtually invisible. This colored extension can be dyed, washed and styled in the desired form just like natural hair. It is designed from the 100% virgin hair for a completely clean and neat look.
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  15. Wholesale Colored Hair Extensions

    Colored Hair Extensions are designed from original hair obtained from a willing donor. These extensions are of premium quality and easy to fix without any effort as well as saves time. These hair extensions appear to be growing directly from your scalp and are nearly invisible. They blend perfectly with your own hair and are nearly undetectable from every angle. The shedding is minimal and these extensions are free from split ends, lice or nits. One can easily wash this along with their natural hair and can attach & detach as per convenience.
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  16. Natural Colored Hair Extension

    Natural Colored Hair Extension is widely used for making different hairstyles at different fashion shows, dramas, functions, and other events. This extension is made from high-quality virgin hair and weaved & wefted to ensure the resistant against shedding or tangles. It is available in a myriad of colors as well as can be customized in desired colors as per client’s requirement. This hair extension is easy to attach with individual’s hair strands with clip-on, keratin tips or other attachment options. It is skin friendly and light weight with an enthralling look.
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